Our studio is small, with a core staff of 14 students who support daily operations, individual projects, and our clients directly. We are dedicated to engaging, first and foremost, in work that feels important and supportive to our community.


As students, our vision is an organization centered around providing for others.

As designers, our approach is equal parts aesthetic and research-based.

Artistic Expression

We thank our clients for supporting our platform for artistic expression as we believe that design can inspire curiosity, discovery, and transformation.

Fairness and Equity

We purposefully invite ongoing conversation that upholds and embodies fair practices and challenges imbalances of power and structural inequities. We are fostering and building an environment that inspires a more equitable future for student voices at RISD. We are open to rebuilding our processes and infastructure, feel free to reach out to us with any feedback or concerns.

Collaboration and Support

We actively develop meaningful, reciprocal relationships with clients and peers, recognizing that diverse lived experiences and practices enrich our processes. We empower designers with desired support through peer-mentoring at every stage─from research and technical expertise to sustained dialogue before, during, and after project development.


Andrew Liu

is a graphic design automaton originally manufactured in Beijing, China, currently deployed to Providence, Rhode Island. His work mainly revolves around research, writing, typography, and communities. He also really likes fonts.

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Ash Ma

is a graphic designer/doodler/coder based in Providence, RI. Ash spent 10% of their time doodling, 40% of their time staring into space, and 50% of their time sleeping. Work? That’s a different story.

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Christine Wang

is probably napping right now or thinking about wedge serifs. She is from the Boston area but does not have the accent to prove it. She likes tomato soup and the color orange.

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Emma Caamaño

can be found sneaking into non-major studio spaces, rarely seen within the design center. She considers her work as a conglomeration of her brain-mush and whatever she can get her hands on.

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Hannah Jeong

is a designer, artist and night owl from the east coast. She is most excited about using design as a means of connecting people, with empathy and play at the core of her creative approach. Enjoys 90s rnb and staring at the sky. Is currently learning guitar and how to make a good latte.

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Joyce Ho

is a professional nap taker who sometimes does graphic design for fun and enjoys talking about movies, music, and drinks(!) She's still thinking of what to add to her bio...

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Kayla Feng

lives at the boundary between dreams and reality. She incorporates her passion for research and world-building to explore the intimacy between humanity and the universe. Outside of design, you can find her playing with her cat Luna, reading, or daydreaming about living in a spaceship. She hopes to pursue a Private Pilot's Licence in the future.

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Li Huang

is a Chinese nerd. He likes video games and a little bit of web design.

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Maggie Xian

is a designer whose work is often informed by research and the interplay of physical and digital. Hailing from Aotearoa New Zealand, she would like to remind you that she is not, in fact, Australian. Things that hold a special place in her heart include her IKEA Dejsa lamp, Comic Sans, and large bodies of water.

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Patrick Farrell

is a graphic designer and scholar of Madonna Studies. He likes to run and enjoys taking the train at night. He hopes to see a moose in person one day.

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Peter Weicheng Xu

is a designer and illustrator based in Shanghai and Providence. He is interested in integration of graphic designs, illustrations and more. You can find him ordering new clothes quite often, but end up returning most of them.

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Ryan Brandon Hsiao

is a designer and artist from Taiwan. He enjoys entertaining the fun and absurd in his work and taking spontaneous street photos. Ryan gets goosebumps from bossa nova beats and Japanese jazz fusion chords, and holds passersby-friendly roads to be of supreme value.

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Ryan Yan

is a peace convoy sent from Canada, disguised as a designer at RISD. He is interested in what lies between design, computation, and linguistics. Recently, he's been learning Japanese in his sun-filled apartment with (10) flourishing houseplants, all of which he raised on his own.

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Ollantay Avila, Anmol Govinda Rao, Ella Lawless, Henry Spuria, Jacob Hwan Lee, Matthew Cuschieri, Maxton O’Connor, Mizuki Hanada, Sharlene Deng, Truman Lesak, Yasemin Sarihan, Leo Horton, Alejandro Molestina, Bryson Lee, Mankun Guo, Marcus Soltzberg, Minjun Choi, Qinru Zhang, Utkan Dora Oncul, Soleil Singh, Labelle Chang, Julie Alter, Amanda Yang, Corinne Ang, Baijun Chen, Madi Ko, Jack Fahnestock, Jennifer Joung, Tiger Dingsun, Sara Park, Minji Koo, AJ Hansen, Candy Wang, Eliza Chen, Gabby Widjaja, Joshua Shao, Julian Kelly, Rohan Chaurasia, Stephanie Winarto, Zoe Schneider, Maria Ji, Adrian Gonzalez, Mei Lenehan, Clarissa Liu, Jacob Poindexter, Helen Gao, May Kodama, Connor Cowden, Jamie Chen, Eli Block, Barron Webster, Valerie Nelson, ChaoQun Wang, Ben Ross, Jon Rinker, Saad Moosajee, Lukas Eigler—Harding, Stephanie Low, Jackie Ferrentino, Kathy Wu, Chloe Scheffe, Chris Lo, Dan Guiditta, Phil Cao, Emily Albert, Sofia Clausse, Kelsey Lim, Ryan Bugden, Mary Tao, Scott Brower, Tori Hinn, Simone Niquille, Max Ackerman, Becca Abbe, Martha Main, Calvin Waterman, Wes Adams, Dana Davis, Ivy Tai, Young Jae Jang, Helen Koh.